Computer Tune-Up

If you’re noticing that your computer seems to be sluggish and not as fast as it once was we can help.  Without proper maintenance your computer will become less responsive or crash.  Remedy PC can identify problem areas on your system and correct them. 


Some examples of these causes are listed below.


Under normal conditions your computer’s hard drive will become less responsive as you install more applications or modify documents.  We will correct these performance issues and explain to you what types of things you can do to further maximize the speed of your system.


In most cases, when you purchased your computer the manufacturer pre-installed trial software that expires after 30 days unless you pay for a subscription. Some of these applications automatically load when your computer is turned on.  As a result your computer allocates memory to these programs leaving less available for the applications you really use. We can resolve these types of inefficiencies.


Additionally through the Tune-up we will look for any spyware or viruses that may be impacting you and your data.  When we are done your computer will have the necessary security patches applied as well.


Upon completion we will show you some simple solutions you can use to keep your PC healthy and make any necessary recommendations if needed.