Data Recovery


Your data is the most important part of your computer. The computer can be replaced or fixed but without taking precautionary measures by backing up your personal information you are at risk. There are various ways you could lose your data. Below are two of the most common scenarios.

  • We've all done it before...deleted a file or folder and wished we could recover it. Microsoft has given you the Recycled Bin in Windows that holds the file or folder for you to restore. It's easy to use and you most likely already are familiar with this. But what happens when you've already emptied the Recycle Bin? 

  • What happens when your computer won't boot up, the Operating System is corrupt or the hard drive has failed? 


Remedy PC uses the most advanced methods and tools to get the deleted data restored to your computer. If your system won't boot up or the Operating System is damaged, all of your data can be recovered to a CD / DVD for use when the computer is repaired or replaced.