Installations & Upgrades

If you are in need of installing a new application or upgrading your operating system, Remedy PC can take care of this for you.  If you do not currently own the software we can recommend what you need and where you can purchase it.  Because of our background in technology, we have various vendors we’ve worked with over the years and as a result of this partnership we may be able to acquire the software for you at reduced prices from what the local stores would charge you.   In some cases you may want a fresh installation of your entire computer.  An example of this is that your computer is running out of space to store more programs or files.  New hard drives store more information and are faster than ever before and the prices are at an all time low.   Most homes these days try to use wireless technology to access the Internet but unless it is setup by a professional it is most likely not secured.  As a result you are at risk.  Remedy PC can setup or troubleshoot your wireless systems to eliminate any risk of outside intruders accessing your systems. When we are done we will show you how to use your new setup.